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What is a VIP-Member

We have a lot of good customers, but some of them the are very very good customers. Good for our business, good for the girls they date because this guys also treat the girls very well. We want to be thankfull and just start to rise up their status to a Vip-Membership.

Why beeing a VIP-Member

As a VIP-Member, you will have several advantages, some of them will not be visible, but you will feel it. For example, if the girl you date will know your status, she will be very happy to meet you and also she will be very willing to treat you perfect, because she will know, that you are a very special guy and customer with good relationship to the leadership.


But we also offer some very special advantages for our best customers:

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  »   As a VIP-Member you can use priority booking. That means if you like to date a girl, we will do everything that is possible to maker her free for that time, even she has some reservation or whatever.

  »   As a VIP-Member you will have a chance to book your unforgetable private party with 2 or more girls (a service we don`t offer for normal customers).

  »   As a VIP-Member we will invite you to our famous Private party, where you can meet all our wonderful girls. We can promise you, you will never ever forget your first86 Massage GIRLS PARTY.


How to become a VIP-Member

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We are very sorry to tell you, that you can not apply for the VIP-Status. If you reach the level, we will invite you and we will be happy, if you accept our invitation. We use a point system to check out, who will be ready for a VIP-Membership. Main point will be, how often you use our service. As more dates you book, as more points will be on your account.

Same time, every girl will also give points to the customer account after a date, so if you get high ratings from the girl you date (for example you treat her very nice, you act like a real gentleman and so on), you can be a VIP very fast, if you make trouble to the girls, you need much more bookings to be ready for the VIP-Status.

Please note: If we will find out, you book or try to book one of our girls directly without inform us, your Vip-point account will be reseted and blocked for 6 month.


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